• Roseann Schantz

Finding the Right Caregiver

If you or a loved one should be in need of a home-based caregiver it is important that you not only consider the quality of care received but also the qualifications of the agency you partner with.

Using a caregiver service should be viewed as welcoming an extended member of your family into your home with respectful boundaries agreed upon to assist you or a loved one with physical care and companionship. When the decision is made to use caregiver services finding the right person starts with finding the right agency. When looking for this partnership take into account the following:

  • The agency you choose should be licensed by the Department of Health to provide services to the community

Why is this so important? Every member of our team that provides care has been thoroughly background and drug screened. Also, during COVID-19 our team ensures that we carefully navigate through the Department of Health's strict guidelines about who can work with individuals and families in the community.

  • Family-focused care

Choosing an agency that respects you and your family's needs creates a compassionate environment. As an extended member of your family, our caregivers work to provide the best care under supervision of one of our experienced team members. Also, we work with both the client as well as the caregiver to find a suitable and flexible schedule that meets the needs of both parties.

  • Personalized customer service 24 hours a day

Using an agency that can provide assistance around the clock is essential to meeting the standard of care one should expect for themselves or a family member. In addition to this, customer service provided should include back-up caregivers when needed, personal knowledge of each client's case by a team member and easy access to information pertaining to your care.

If you are in need of caregiver services please make sure you are asking about these important points to a member of their staff. The agency should, in reciprocation, be asking you about your needs to make sure that the caregiver provided is not only qualified but also is a good match as a companion.

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